Wednesday, February 26, 2014

St. Paul School

Yesterday, the three of us had an interview with the head of the senior division at St. Paul school. First we filled out some paperwork, then joined the very warm, kindly Señor Eduardo Del Pino de la Fuente (the best name yet here!). In Spanish cultures, the first last name comes from the father, and is the name used to address the person. Thus, Sr. Del Pino, not Sr. de la Fuente. Anyway, we had a nice discussion about what Joel likes to do, if he spoke any Spanish, how he behaves in class. On the way home, we saw a dog poking its head out of the top of a big gate-it reminded me of the gate-keeper in the Wizard of Oz:

Then we went out to lunch to celebrate Joel's successful acceptance to school by eating our first completos, which are Chilean hot dogs. The have a lot of stuff on them. Ours were Italianos, so named for the colors of the Italian flag. They came with tomato (red), avocado (green), and mayo (white). We declined the white, because it is made with several teaspoonfuls of mayonnaise.
 Snoozing dogs.

Orientation for new students was today. It was supposed to be for the students only, but we noticed other parents trailing along, so we followed the tour. Steve took some unobtrusive pictures with his phone.
The gym:

One of the buildings:
A classroom:

The school is built on a hill, and also has several levels so you have some great views:

The large assembly room, or 'salon.'

There are a lot of open spaces between the different buildings, one of which was the art patio:

To sum things up, we had a busy day. In addition to the orientation in the afternoon, I went up to my campus in the morning for the first time (more about this later), then signed the lease, which involved going with the property manager to a notary with my passport. 
PUCV classes start on Monday, and I'm still not very clear what I'm supposed to do in my advanced English class! Plus, I found out that my Children's lit class meets one day a week, rather than two. This will change some of what I was planning to do...


  1. It looks like a cement floor in the gym...ouch!

    1. Yes, it is a polished cement. You can't see it from the picture, but the gym is open on one side, and does not appear to have any way to close that side, so I imagine it is a bit chilly in the winter months. Winter here, is, of course not as bad as the midwest. Some days are very rainy and cool, with highs in the upper fifties from what I've been told.