Monday, February 17, 2014

Apartment Hunting

Today I renewed my search for a place to live. I'd tried to contact realtors, individual landlords and other organizations before I left. Everyone told me they were busy with summer tourists, and to get in touch when I got here. Now, if you were a landlord in a beach community, and someone wanted to discuss renting your place in the winter wouldn't you want to at least start a discussion with them? This is one of the cultural differences I've encountered here, which I find interesting (and more than a little frustrating).

I got one reply via email about one place I'd inquired about, asking if I wanted to see the apartment, and if I did, to please email back. I would have thought my first email, asking to see the apartment would have tipped the guy off that I, well, wanted to see the apartment. So I wrote back and said yes, I'd like to see the place...but haven't gotten reply number 2 yet. I also went to a realtor, who told me there is no way that anyone will rent me something for 5 months-this of course isn't true, but perhaps she is more used to dealing with students who want an entire school year, which runs March-Dec. here.

So that's the latest on the apartment hunt-and now, a few photos for your viewing pleasure:

Yes Virginia, organ grinders with parrots still exist. He doesn't look like he likes his job much though, does he?

Sea view

The Municipal Casino de Viña del Mar. A great place to go to the bathroom when you are out and about town.

 Pelicans, rocks and big boats.

And some more animal pictures, of course!

Dozing cat

One of many annoying gulls, which scream outside my window...even in the middle of the night. They poop a lot too-luckily not on my laundry. So far.


  1. I'm so glad Steven sent the link to this blog. Best of luck to you in your adventures. It looks AMAZING there. I'll be watching here intently for updates!

    1. Shane,
      Hey there, nice of you to drop by! I really hope that Joel and Ash get a chance to skype soon...internet service is wide spread, but sometimes drops out unexpectedly, making for some choppy conversations.