Sunday, February 23, 2014

No pictures today

Today I met the intrepid Sarah, a fellow gringolandian who came to Chile to see if she could teach English for a semester. Patricio, the owner of the hostel I stayed in my first week recommended that she talk to me-as if I'm any big authority on finding an English teaching job or apartment. But, after Sarah and I talked this morning, she emailed me in the afternoon saying she'd found a place and had talked the landlord down quite a bit!

After getting that email, I roused myself to go check out some of the buildings around where we are staying-recall that we really want to stay in this area  as it is close to Joel's school and easy transportation. I succeeded in getting an appointment for tomorrow, in the building that I like the best. Steve and I decided that if it looks good, we will take it on the spot. We also have an appointment in the morning to see a place I looked at last week before the guys got here. I liked it, but it was very, very small, and 25 minutes away from Joel's school. Everyone keep your fingers crossed!!!

Our excursion today involved going up to that Artisan market on Libertad, which is a mixture of interesting crafts and a lot of crap from China. I believe this market runs though the summer months here, catering to tourists. It is different from the international craft market I went to the first week here, which had items from all over South and Central America (and Cuba too). I'd seen some straw fedoras there last week, which I though Joel would like. He did want one, but the one he found was from, yes, China, and made of a paper fiber. But, on the other hand, it cost about 7 bucks, as opposed to 22 for the straw. And he is happy with it.

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