Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Estoy aquí

I made it! Both of my flights left a little late, and little sleep was had, but I'm here, and getting ready to got explore a bit.
Landing: Reminds me very much of coming into El Paso, TX

What's wrong with this gate?
Because we were about 20 minutes late, there was no gate for us, so we waited awhile outside of what looked like a good gate...I suspect it was not in the international section, which is why there was a wait.

In my departamento (apartment), Lastarria Santiago Suites

This is an interesting place: a mixed-use building with condos, and a few units that are rented out as "suites." A little hard to find, with no front desk like a hotel, but with a doorman and housekeeping. I haven't paid yet-this is supposed to happen later today when Viviana stops by to collect. Great location, nice furnishings, and much cheaper than a hotel (80 a night) in the center of Santiago. I found it on

View out my bedroom window.


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    1. Woo hoo is right! So far so good...waiting for Viviana to show, thought she was supposed to be here at 5...or was i 6? Oy, numbers in a different language get me all the time!

  2. Beautiful, warm, verdant and welcoming ~ GREAT place !!

    1. Jim,
      It is pretty dry here-it pretty much only rains in June, July and August, so the green you see is the result of irrigation. A good thing about the lack of rain right now: no flying insects. So it is interesting to be at the end of summer with no gnats, flies or mosquitos!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!