Saturday, February 22, 2014

Joel's Birthday

We've been having some internet issues in the place we are staying right now. As in there isn't any in the apartment, despite the fact it was advertised as having it!  We are thankful that someone with the network of arrias54g hasn't secured her/his network, and that if I point my computer toward a certain window, I sometimes can get online. This apartment is temporary-just until the end of this month. We'd hoped it would work out for the 5 months, but no. I will not post photos, but it is older, and not well maintained. Fine for a week, but not long term. Too bad, because it is very close to Joel's school.

Yesterday was Joel's 12th birthday, and it was fun, but also stressful for him. We started the day in Santiago, took a bus down to Viña, found the apartment, moved in, went back to where I stayed last week to pick up my bags, came back, then went out and had sushi for his birthday dinner. I did find a beautiful cake that afternoon-tres leches, yum! It cost more than dinner, but we got to have some for breakfast and lunch too :-)

Joel was really tired this morning, but once he was up, he was pretty perky:

We went to the Saturday market today, and bought lots of fruit. A kilo each of strawberries, peaches and bananas. Also a 1/2 kilo of blue berries. That is more than 7 pounds of fruit. And it cost about 6 dollars. I was planning on juicing some of it, but alas, the blender in our not so lovely abode is not functional. We will be eating a lot of fruit tonight, along with salmon and carrots, which we also got at the market.

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