Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Nice Sunday

Instead of going to Valparaíso today as I had planned, I spent the morning with Anna, one of the other guests here. She is from West Virginia, and has just spent several months in London where she was working She wanted to go to church, and then an artisan's market so we decided to go together. I could not take pictures in church, sorry! I can tell you that the kneelers were good solid wood, no padding included. My fingers were really itching for the camera when I observed a lady going up to communion with a little dog under her arm. She also had a large piece of cardboard cut out from the side of a box which she was using to fan her dog. This was not normal behavior-a lot of people noticed and were giggling.

Anna posing in front of the market-we were lucky to have been able to go, as it was the last day. I bought a couple of gifts, and we also observed some happy dogs. The black one below started wagging her tail when I pointed the camera at her.

Later, her pal walked up to me and wanted a moment to shine. I can see why people want to take these dogs home!

After the market we were hungry, so we decided to get some lunch at a nice sidewalk café. We enjoyed watching a main in a wheel chair directing traffic behind us. He had on a safety vest, and used a baton and whistle.

Now it is off to bed for me-I'm hoping the bars right below my window are quiet tonight!

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