Friday, February 14, 2014

Santiago to Viña

I've made it to my B&B in Viña del Mar, a place on the top of a very steep hill. The Little Castle was build in 1890, and I believe the owner said it was built as the first guest house in Viña. It survived the huge earth quake of 1906, which leveled Valparaíso, and of course, all other earth quakes since, which is nice to know!

The place is very quirky-built into the hill I walked up and down today, it has several levels, and a wide patio that wraps around the back of the building. From the front, it looks like a small, 1 story house, but when you open the front door, you are greeted by a set of stairs that goes straight down, with no landing, which leads to a lovely living room. My room is very nice, but sadly, is right behind the kitchen. As in, my bedroom door opens into the kitchen. And since the guests have kitchen privileges, well, you get the picture. This is not a quiet room! I also have to walk through the kitchen to get to a shared bathroom, which could be awkward, especially in the morning, when I'm getting up and breakfast is being prepared for the guests.
I think several people are leaving tomorrow, so I will ask Patricio, the owner if there is another room I can have for the rest of my stay (I'm here 5 nights).

A view from my room:

A few pictures from the bus on the way to Viña. The first is right outside of Santiago, the second about an hour on, (you can see the green of cultivation), the third is coming into Viña.

Dogs can be seen everywhere. Some are strays, but others are not-they are fed, and wear collars. They just don't have nice grassy yards to play in. This one caught my eye-it was camped outside of a pet food store. Smart dog.


  1. Cecile,
    Your blog is definitely interesting. I am awaiting to learn if you get another room at the B & B. I am not fond of sharing bathrooms and kitchens with "strangers". It is almost like sharing one's toothbrush. Not a pleasant thought.
    As I am a lover of dogs, ( and other animals) I particularly enjoy the dog story and your photo. Are able to communicate via fsmail ?

  2. I am anticipating reading soon about your new room at the B & B. Sharing a bathroom and a kitchen with unfamiliar individuals is comparative to sharing one's toothbrush with visitors. Are you able to receive your fs mail ?
    I am enjoying your adventures. It is fun to read about the dogs. Sadly, some of those strays need to be neutered to slow down their population. Maybe you will be able to befriend a stray dog.

  3. Jim,
    Nice to know that you are enjoying this blog! Wish more would comment so I know they are reading :-)
    I can communicate via my regular email, although not as often as I could when back home. And I don't know what my internet connection will be like in a week, when I move again!

  4. I am awaiting the Part II of your B & B story. Will you be able to move ? Will the other guests move ?

    1. Jim,
      I think I'm just going to stay put. Who knows if the next room will be quieter? It just is a different sort of place, more of a hostel with shared spaces. So far, the guests are very nice, this isn't a crazy youth hostel with a lot of partying. The partying goes on under my window, down the hill at the bars...which were VERY loud last night until about 2:45. Things will change once we are settled in somewhere and the tourists go away :-)