Friday, June 20, 2014

Valpararíso Metro Strike 2014

We are now into the 4th day of the Metro huelga (strike) here in Viña/Valpo, which effects about 70,000 commuters a day. This means more traffic, as the micro bus companies are putting more vehicles on the street. Buses are also a bit more crowded during rush hour, (as if they aren't already packed!), and everything has slowed down. I've been leaving for campus a little later in the mornings, so I haven't had a problem getting a colectivo.
I'm pretty bummed about the strike, since this means that the quick trips I've been planning to the port and the small towns east of Viña in my last two weeks may not happen. I can still take micros, of course, but I have money on my fare card and the subway is so much nicer than the micros!
Here's the sign on the shuttered station, right by my building:
It basically says why they are striking, when they started, that they have the legal right to strike, and that it will go on until things reach a satisfactory conclusion.

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