Sunday, June 22, 2014

Palta on toast, the breakfast of champions

This is something I'll really miss about being here. Can I replicate this at home? Yes, of course. But avocados cost so much in the States that when we do buy them, we make guacamole to share. Here you see an entire small palta smooshed up with a little salt and lemon juice (Chileans just do the salt) on yummy bread from the neighborhood bakery.
Palta on toast is usually served as a snack, not breakfast. The breakfasts I've had here at hotels have coffee (nescafé) or tea, bread, thin cheese and ham slices, fruit and cake or cookies (Joel liked that a lot!).
And here's a picture of a typical toaster here:
We bought a really cheap one, so you can see it is rusted from my futile attempts to wash it. I learned that what you really need to do is just shake the crumbs off, rather than use water to clean these. It is hard to see, but there is a handle to the left-you set the metal plate on top of your gas burner set on a low flame, and the bread goes upside down on the widely-spaced grill wires. Heat comes up through the little perforations, and voila! Toast!

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