Monday, June 30, 2014

Go Dog Go!

The dogs one sees on the streets of Chile really do stand out to those of us from places that keep our stray animals out of sight. I thought I'd do one more dog post, to introduce you to a few new pooches, and revisit some of the many dogs I've seen. I'll start with my first dog picture, taken from the bus as I pulled into Viña back in February. I have since walked past many pet food stores, and all have large, open bins of food. I'm amazed that dogs and cats on the street don't just come jump into the bins and start eating.
Dogs in Chile sometimes seem to function as "greeters." Maybe they just want some human companionship? Here's one at the artisan fair I went to in Quinta Vergara park early in my stay. Another walked with us in Valpo one day for about 10 blocks, from the Metro to a park.
But none of the greeter dogs was more memorable then the one that met us on the platform of El Salto metro station, then walked with us to the Botanical garden.
This was a little over 3 kilometers (see map below), and took us about an hour. What a dedicated dog!
And then there was that walk with Uncle Rick, when we had an entire entourage with us down the length of Alvarez, all the way to the beach.

Joel and Steve's first Street dog, on their first day in Santiago. Ah, it was nice and warm then!
The Wizard of Oz dog(s), down the street from Joel's school. It, along with its twin, kept an eye on everyone who passed by, via their little cut-out above the green garage-door gate. I just saw both of them today, on my way up to St. Paul's for the last time, to drop some things off at the school for the next Fulbrighter's children who will be attending there next semester.

One of the few smaller dogs we saw regularly. I think this one belonged to a shop owner.
Of course, not all dogs (or cats) that we encountered roamed the street. Many people keep dogs for guard duty, or simply because they love their pets. This friendly puppy wanted us to give it some attention, so Joel obliged.
The art of begging.
Remember this mural? Watch out for the CIA, kiltro!
Right outside our building, the bus stop dogs on a sunny day, soaking up some rays.

Joel and friend.
Santa Lucia, my favorite park in Santiago had its share of canine visitors. The one below was the fattest dog I've seen just about anywhere. When it got up, it waddled! The others were encountered all over the park, including at the top of a very high lookout point that required going up about 140 stairs.

How to stay dry in the rain? Hang out on a bus stop bench. People waiting that morning for the bus just left this one alone.
Dogs really DO use the crosswalks here. I'd heard about it, read about it, and saw it on multiple occasions:
Another look at Paws-in-the-Street dog, one of our favorites who lives right outside our apartment:

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