Saturday, June 7, 2014

Campus Dogs

This is my favorite dog on PUCV's Sausalito campus. It looks like the head belongs with a different body. Or the body belongs with a different head. The fur on its head is short, while the body fur is longer, and as you can see, a completely different color.
I've seen this one go into the cafeteria, asking for food.
 Yes, I know, this picture was in a very recent post. But I thought it was a good one to show how the students interact with the dogs. All of the dogs look fairly healthy, as far as weight, although the bigger ones tend to be on the lean side. Most likely because it takes a lot more to fuel a bigger body.
 It is likely that many of these dogs were pets, and that once they out-grew their puppy stage they were abandoned. Perhaps some got lost because they weren't fixed and went wandering off looking for love. This one looks like its tail was docked.

Meet Bad Ass. Yes, that is his name, according to Felipe in my class. But the students agree that the same dog might have different names, depending on who you are talking to. According to the poor student trying to have a snack, while Bad Ass looked intently at her food: "El es enorme.

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