Sunday, March 23, 2014

Valpo Art

As promised, here is some of the lovely art that makes Valparaíso so distinctive.
Interesting locomotion:

'Kiltro' is what Chileans call a mixed breed dog. (Kiltro was also a popular martial arts movie here from 2006). 'Aguarda' does not mean guard, it means to await, expect or watch for. So this dog is on the look out for the CIA:
 A giant quail, pigeon...well, a bird of some kind!
 Right along the tracks for the Metro. Behind the wall is water, and you can see the top of a pilot boat:

I'll try to get a better shot of this last one later. You can see this sculpture from the metro, near Valpo. These cars are hanging from giant clothes pins.


  1. it looks too much intresting

    1. It is very interesting! We are lucky to have the chance to be here.
      Thank you for your comment,