Sunday, March 9, 2014

A lazy Sunday morning

So, it is after 9 a.m., and I am still lying about in bed. Steve and Joel have been up for at least an hour, but Miss Lazy Bones is enjoying the brief time I have between my bad night's sleep (a product of my aging kidneys and my over-active brain) and having to get up and DO something! Nice of the guys to let me have this time to relax.

I've spent this time productively, reading some other blogs. One is by a woman who lived in Chile for quite a long time, wrote extensively, and had a good base of readers who commented on her writings. One post I found quite interesting is her self titled rant about the perpetual student strikes. These seem to be an annual event, have a season, and have been going on for ages. One of the really good things about this post is how both expats and Chileans wrote comments. I recommend you read it, as clearly I do not have the knowledge for what I've been told by my students and colleagues will be coming soon.

Sorry that I couldn't put in an active link: for some reason, blogger wouldn't allow the hash tag character in this address!

Speaking of blogger-it is a nice, simple site for a newbie blogger like me, but has its issues. As in the above mentioned link bit. Another that bugs me, is how it is difficult to get text to wrap around pictures, and strange things happen with the size of text-which you may have noticed with some of my posts. Steve is working with wordpress, which seems to have a nicer layout. Of course,  it could just be that he has a really great writing style and knows what he's doing because he's a technology guy that make his blog enjoyable. Steve's is the other blog I've spent time with this morning. He really writes well, and you must go read his entries. I have a direct link on the left, which I've mentioned before. But if you haven't visited his blog, you should-I really liked reading his take on things!

Well, I do need to get up and get moving. In addition to wanting to go out and enjoy another bright, warm day (the gray cool will soon be upon us), I also have a lot of school work to do before tomorrow!


  1. Did you know there's a funicular in Dubuque? And Galena has some staircases between streets on the bluff. When you're back and miss Vina, you can take a northern road trip.

    1. I did not know that about Dubuque's funicular... Interestingly, as I've gone up and down some stairs here (though not in Valparaíso yet) I did think of those stairs in Galena!