Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shake, rattle and roll

Before this morning, the last earthquake I felt was several years ago in the middle of the night in Peoria, when a fairly strong quake occurred in southern Illinois. I thought Steve was snoring then, and poked him until the bed stopped vibrating. There was no mistaking what woke us up at 1:37 a.m. this morning for snoring. It was a 5.3 or 5.4, depending on what website you look at. The epicenter was fairly close, only about 30 minutes from here, and it went on for about 10 seconds which got our attention, but was over before we got out of bed. Joel slept through it!

I took my camera to school today so I could get a few pictures around campus.

Here's a picture of the front gate-fairly unassuming looking place from this side.

But behind the school, there is a lovely lagoon (lake). These next pictures were taken from the balcony on the seventh floor of my building, which is where my office is. The first is looking across to the Sausalito Stadium. Viña is a sister city to Sausalito, CA, and named the area where my campus is for that town.

The next picture down shows the new skate-board park on campus. There are also two new grass tennis courts, and a soccer field. None of these seem to be open yet.

A little cat I've seen a couple of times in the same spot, across the street from campus, where I wait for my colectivo in the afternoons. 

 And right next door, another one:

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