Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Long time no post

Yes, it was a busy weekend as I anticipated in my last post, and fun too! We started it on Friday with a lovely meal with Katherina and her husband Carlos, and their two adorable children. They live in Upper Recreo, at 34 Volcan San Jose. If you google map the address, then rotate back to the left and click once,  you can see Emily, the family dog peering at the camera from the patio above the garage. Joel was very taken with her. Well, so were Steve and I!

After onces, or tea, (we came around 4:30, so it wasn't dinner) Katherina walked us back down from her section of town to ours. It is a bit over 3 kilometers, and we wound through some interesting neighborhoods, down steep streets and several passages with stairs, until we reached Alvarez (or Alvares, depending on the street sign). Katherina took a bus back up Agua Santa and we continued on home.
Some murals on Alvarez:

A little more to catch up. Last Thursday Steve and I walked Joel to school then headed over to Portalas only 2 stops  away from us on the Metro. It was early enough to watch the small fishing boats get winched up onto the dock, put on trailers and towed onto land with a small pick-up truck. 
We bought a salmon, and saw the biggest calamari steaks ever! If you go to Steve's blog, he's got the really good pictures, but here are a few from me:
My fabulous husband:
  I love these boats. They are actually quite small. The first picture shows two with contrasting ladies on them.

 Winching up a boat, with sea lions in the foreground:

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