Monday, March 3, 2014

New digs

A few posts ago, I said I wasn't going to put up pictures of what we started calling The Dump, our temporary apt. I'd hoped to be able to stay there, but it really was terrible... Well, I've changed my mind about the pictures, and thought I'd put up a few so you can see how nice our new place is.

Old kitchen:

New Kitchen. Sure, it is long and skinny, but such a difference!!

Old bathroom-I am not making this up, you could not sit on this toilet, as there was 5 inches of space between it an the bathtub... no place for one's legs! And sitting sideways was difficult, as it had a split seat.

The "rug" on the floor of the old bathroom, above.

New bathroom. Like the old place, we now have two bathrooms...but what a difference!
Steve admiring the view in the living room:

In short, we had a very busy weekend with moving, unpacking, figuring things out, getting started with school. Today was the first day of classes for both me and Joel. We are (all three of us) very tired, but happy. Joel started today very nervous, and came home very happy! I've got some great students, and even though I'm making things up as I go, I did have two good classes today (my English class meets twice on Monday.)


  1. It's nice to see that you found a better place, and that you and Joel had a pleasant first day. I stopped by to see you and was lead here :)

    1. Latonya,
      So great to hear from you! Glad you are reading the blog :-)
      Hope you and the family are all doing well,