Sunday, May 18, 2014

Grand Torre Santiago

When I was in Santiago last week serving on a Fulbright selection committee, I took this picture:
I'd seen this building before-well, pretty much you'd be blind to miss it-but was able to get a good picture of it this time. I particularly like the old church in the foreground for a bit of contrast. I found out from Alex Peterson, a Fulbrighter who lives in Santiago this is the tallest building in South America. Notice the sort of fin-like projections at the top? They were put in place Alex said, when it appeared that another building on the continent was going to be taller. I haven't been in the Torre yet, but understand a huge mall is located there. So if the urge to shop in a mall ever hits me (ha!), I'll know where to go.

Our latest little quake in Viña last week was a 4.3, and my 7th floor office swayed rather noticeably. Bet it would be quite interesting to be on the top floor  of the Torre (there are 64 above ground and 6 below ground floors)!

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