Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dia del Patrimonio, part II

I left off yesterday with Joel's purchase of cotton candy. This kept him occupied while we waited in a long line to enter the grounds of the Palacio Presidencial.
 Three Marxs':
 Looking back across the large, circular lawn/helicopter landing area towards the entrance gate. My pictures do not do the gardens justice-they were just lovely!
 In the President's office we found George Washington checking things out:
 I was impressed with the silver ink-well on the desk. I'm glad I don't have to polish it!
 My favorite room...warm, sunny (well, on this day anyway), and with a GREAT view of the entire coast. Here, you can see Valparaíso in the distance:
 Out back, some young folkloric dancers posing for a picture, and one of their admirers:
 Looking down from the Palacio's grounds to Wulff Castle, our next stop:
 I'd seen this apartment building before while walking around Cerro Castillo, but this time I had my camera, so I could get a picture of it as we headed downhill.
These dancers were performing at Wulff Castle, which was once a private residence, and is now the headquarters for the Heritage Unit of the Valparaíso region. They were doing traditional Spanish dances accompanied by Galician gaitas (Spanish bagpipes).

 We finished off our wonderful morning with lunch at the Cap Ducal, which I'd been wanting to go to since I saw it on my second day here. It is designed to look like a ship that has pulled up to shore. We enjoyed the food as well as the local residents outside our window.

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