Friday, July 11, 2014

The things I'll miss

Well my dear readers, we come to the end of this blog. Something I've liked a lot about keeping it, has been watching the statistics to see where my readers live. I've had people from all over the world read and come back, and I'd like to thank you: Germany, the UK, Australia, Ukraine, Finland, Russia, Poland, Mexico, Canada, Latvia, Spain, Denmark, Argentina, Cameroon, France, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan and of course, Chile and the USA!
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There are many things I'll miss about being in Chile-and of course, some things I won't miss. As you can see, there are many, many more things that I will miss than those I will not.

Miss:                                                     Won't miss:
My students                                           - All their absences  


Panque de Naranja                                
-The calories I consume with each bite

Living 1 kilometer from the sea           -Cold vaguada coastal (marine fog)

Street dogs
-Dog poop on the sidewalks, and the dogs' pitiful condition 

Earth quake excitement  -Earth quake excitement
Living in a Spanish speaking country
-Feeling like an idiot most of the time because of my limited language skills                                  Buying fish at Portales                        
-The smell of the fish market

Having transportation right outside my building
-The noise of Alvarez street

Rain in a dry land                                
-Street flooding due to poor drainage infrastructure

The view from the top of my building
-Apartment life in general

My colleagues

Learning new things
The kindness of strangers
Valparaíso art

Watching the ships

Lots of small, family owned stores in walking distance
Fresh bread from the corner bakery
Palta on toast
Shopping at the feria
The view from the hills
Watching sea lions, Cerro Castillo,Yummy chorillanas
The stunning beauty of the country

Please look at the link on the left, A Story for Tomorrow, which will lead you to a video that summarizes the loveliness of this wonderful country.
¡Gracias, Chile!


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    1. I know all of you are NOT being absent this semester, right? :-)