Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Ah, the joys of packing! I tend to be a minimalist when packing-it is sort of like solving a puzzle for me, figuring out how to take as little as possible. This trip is a little different though, since I have to get ready for 3 seasons, and make sure I have professional attire. Still, my first efforts are promising. It looks like I'll be able to have one carry on for my computer, other electronics and a couple of changes of clothes, and one medium sized checked bag. My goal is to have just what I an handle on my own with ease.

I'm cheating a little though, because when Steve and Joel follow me, they'll be bringing the suitcase of books I need for teaching my children's literature class. It is small, but it weighs 30 pounds! These are the materials I couldn't trust to the diplomatic pouch, which seems to have issues with delivery (see my last post).

For excellent packing tips, check out  Even if you don't want to be this fanatical, the way the blog author packs a bag is worth learning about.

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